We all know how essential trees are to us and the environment. Unfortunately, corporations cut acres of trees for their businesses; resulting in the declining condition of our environment. This is bad news for us since we can’t sustain our life without the help of the environment. That is why we should do our part on salvaging mother nature. Learn and start planting trees whenever you can. Know how to plant a tree properly and also on how to raise and take care of it.


1. Digging a hole

A significant factor for the success of the growth of the tree is because of the hole you put it into. Some people dig a hole too deep, that the roots can’t obtain the necessary amount of oxygen that it needs. While some dig a hole that is too shallow, an insufficient ground for the plant to establish its structure.

To create a hole that is sufficient for the growth of the tree, you have to dig a hole that has a width that is three times the size of the root ball. For the height of the hole, it has to be equal to the height of the root ball.

2. Placing

After digging the hole, hold the root ball firmly and place it in the whole. Determine where the tree is naturally facing or the best face of the tree, and turn the root ball in the direction where you want the tree to face.

3. Fill the Hole

After placing the tree, you have to fill in the gap on your hole. With a shovel, place in the soil in a light manner because trees grow better in loose soil. As you fill in the soil, make sure that the trunk of the tree is not interrupted and is still standing straight. If there is any soil left, make a berm around the tree so to make a little watering well around it.

4. Putting the Stakes

After planting the young tree, it is also better that you put stakes alongside it guide the growth of the tree. The important thing to remember here is that the tree must only be tied loosely to the stake. Put the stake in the area of the root ball so that it can be close enough to the tree. If the tree grows large enough, the stake should be placed several feet from the trunk, and you should put two or more.

5. Watering and Mulching

After the planting the tree, it is essential to water it every day for a couple of months; this care and attention is crucial for young trees. If you don’t have the time to do this, you can hire professionals like tree care and maintenance Portland, Or. 

When the trunk has grown wide and taller, it is an indication that the roots have also gone deep and established itself, then this will be the time where you can lay off and reduce the amount of watering.

Another thing you can do to help the tree growth is through mulching. When mulching, you can use dried leaves, twigs, and grass. Mulching keeps the moisture around the tree, and it also keeps weed from growing near the tree.